With its sun-kissed shores and advantageous tax policies, Montenegro, especially regions like Dobrota, stand out as prime locations for both living and doing business. Morena, nestled in the serene environment of Sveti Stasije, represents the epitome of this balance, offering unparalleled luxury amidst a business-friendly ecosystem.


Favorable Tax Regime

Competitive Rates:
One of Montenegro’s most compelling offerings to the international business community is its attractive tax system. With corporate tax rates that are among the lowest in Europe, businesses can retain a larger chunk of their profits. This competitive edge not only appeals to established businesses but also entices startups and SMEs to plant their roots in the Montenegrin soil.

Incentives for Investors:
Beyond the low rates, Montenegro has rolled out a slew of tax incentives tailored for investors. From deductions on capital investments to tax holidays for certain sectors, the nation ensures that businesses feel valued and supported. Such initiatives make locales like Sveti Stasije in Dobrota, home to the splendid Morena, even more enticing for those looking to combine luxury living with fruitful investments.


Double Tax Treaties

Guarding Against Double Taxation:
Montenegro’s foresight in establishing double taxation treaties with numerous countries around the world showcases its commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment. These agreements ensure that income earned in Montenegro by foreign entities is not subjected to taxation both in Montenegro and the investor’s home country. This is yet another example of the nation’s efforts to eliminate potential financial burdens for businesses and enhance its attractiveness as an investment destination.


VAT Returns

Recouping Business Expenses:
Montenegro’s VAT return policy is a boon for investors and business owners. Certain business-related expenses, when accounted for correctly, can be claimed back, thus reducing the effective cost of operations in the country. Whether you’re hosting an event at a luxurious venue like Morena or investing in business infrastructure in the heart of Dobrota, knowing that a portion of your expenditure can be reclaimed is indeed reassuring.