The allure of Montenegro, with its picturesque locales like Sveti Stasije in Dobrota, combined with its strategic European aspirations, creates a compelling narrative for both residence and investment. As Morena stands overlooking the shimmering waters of Kotor Bay, it symbolizes the harmonious blend of luxury, growth, and European integration that Montenegro promises.


Candidate Country

A Decade of Aspirations:
Montenegro’s journey with the European Union commenced earnestly in 2010 when it achieved the official candidate status. This recognition was not just a diplomatic nod; it underscored Montenegro’s unwavering commitment to adopting European standards, ensuring political stability, and embracing progressive reforms. Such efforts have made regions like Dobrota, with prime properties like Morena in Sveti Stasije, even more appealing for those looking to align their futures with the European trajectory of Montenegro.


Benefits of Joining the EU

Economic Advantages:
As Montenegro inches closer to EU membership, it is poised to gain substantial economic benefits. This includes increased foreign direct investments, access to the European Single Market, and a potential boost in trade, considering the EU’s global trading prominence.

Political Stability:
Joining the EU would further cement Montenegro’s political stability by aligning its governance structures and policies with European standards, ensuring more predictability and security for investors.

Societal Progress:
On a broader scale, EU membership would accelerate societal advancements in Montenegro. This includes improving human rights, ensuring freedom of the press, fostering educational collaborations, and enhancing overall life quality—making locales like Dobrota an even more enticing place to live and thrive.


Ongoing Negotiations

Inching Closer to Full Membership:
Since its candidate status acknowledgment, Montenegro has been in active discussions with the EU, methodically opening and closing negotiation chapters. These negotiations, covering a range of subjects from judiciary reforms to environmental standards, are bridging the gap between Montenegro and full EU membership. For investors, this evolving relationship promises even more benefits, from regulatory harmonization to enhanced business opportunities across the European continent.