For residents of Morena, nestled in the heart of the tranquil Dobrota, Montenegro’s exceptional connectivity ensures that the world is just a flight away. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of new adventures or the comforts of home, Montenegro’s airports and transportation links make every journey effortless.


Main Airports

Tivat Airport:
Located close to the stunning Bay of Kotor, Tivat Airport serves as a primary gateway for tourists eager to explore the Montenegrin coast. With numerous seasonal flights, especially in the summer months, major European airlines connect Tivat to destinations such as London, Paris, Moscow, and Frankfurt.

Podgorica Airport:
As the capital city’s airport, Podgorica offers extensive connections both within Europe and beyond. Major airlines such as Air Serbia, Turkish Airlines, and Lufthansa provide regular services, making global access to and from Montenegro efficient and convenient.


Infrastructure Development

Expansion and Modernization:
Both Tivat and Podgorica airports have recently seen significant infrastructure developments. With modern terminals, improved passenger amenities, and streamlined operations, Montenegro is fully equipped to handle the growing influx of global travelers.

Future Projects:
Plans are continually being discussed and implemented to further expand these airports, with considerations for new terminals and runways. This drive for infrastructural excellence ensures that Montenegro remains a top-notch destination for both tourists and investors.


Travel within Montenegro

Domestic Flights:
While Montenegro’s compact size makes road trips quite feasible, there are domestic flight options available for those looking to save time. Regular flights between Podgorica and Tivat offer a quick hop between the coast and the capital.

Ease of Travel:
Thanks to the nation’s well-maintained roads and efficient public transport system, traveling between Montenegro’s major cities is a breeze. Whether you’re journeying from the coastal beauty of Kotor Bay to the historical charm of Podgorica, you’re assured a scenic and smooth trip.